About Me

My Background

Hanna is motivated, enthusiastic, and eager to assist her clients with the most exciting and important investment decisions of their lives. 

Hanna was born and raised in a real estate oriented family in the hear of Ottawa. Her real estate career began as a toddler when she assisted her father at many open houses. Having numerous family members in real estate has been a great asset to her understanding and knowledge of all aspects of the industry. 


For the first four years of Hanna’s career, she worked internally getting to know all aspects of the real estate industry. This allowed her to have a greater understanding of the business, her client’s needs, office management and customer service. She has worked with buyers and sellers and is comfortable with all facets of real estate. Hanna is knowledgeable with all parts of the city and looks forward to continuing her career in real estate. She has completed her Brokers license, along with a BA at Queen’s University.