Selling Steps

1. Understanding who we market to:

The general public is the obvious group to which Hanna markets. However, another very important group is other real estate sales representatives and other brokers.

2. Identifying number of buyers in the marketplace for the seller’s home:

The approximate number of buyers available in the marketplace to purchase a seller’s home over a specific listing period will be identified by utilizing raw data from MLS and GeoWarehouse. From this raw data, market statistics are created specific to the seller’s home, taking into consideration age, style, price point and neighbourhood. This service helps both seller and sales representative have a better understanding of market conditions in the seller’s neighbourhood, the time needed to sell the seller’s home and the viability of a sale.

3. Evaluation Services:

Hanna will complete an in-depth evaluation, including statistics specific to the seller’s home and neighbourhood, which also include identifying the number of buyers who could potentially be in the marketplace to buy the seller’s home over the proposed listing period.

4. Financial Expertise:

Financing is critical to completing a successful real estate transaction. Ensuring that buyers are pre-screened so that they are financially qualified to buy the property is a must, as the more financially qualified the buyer is, the more likely the closing will succeed.

5. Listing Launch and Maintenance Action Plans:

Hanna has customized and detailed Listing Action Plans and Listing Maintenance Plans to walk you through each phase of the listing contract and sale process.

6. Agreement of purchase and sale and other related sale documents:

The agreement of purchase and sale is always created or reviewed by Hanna with recommended changes to ensure that the seller is protected even after closing. Once an agreement of purchase and sale has been accepted, other related documents may have to be created, i.e. notices of fulfillment, waivers and amendments to agreement of purchase and sale.

7. Consultation throughout the sale process:

Hanna will consult with sellers regarding every aspect of a sale transaction and make recommendations throughout the entire sale process, up to closing, including but not limited to explaining the pluses and minuses to any agreement of purchase and sale, subsequent amendments to an agreement of purchase and sale, or how a change in a closing date, change in offering price, requested repairs or maintenance, etc. can affect the seller. Hanna is highly trained to explain the aforementioned and the process involving waivers, notices of fulfillment and the delivery of all necessary notices, including those needed for a complicated first refusal sale.

Skilled negotiations:

Negotiating skills are critical to completing a successful real estate transaction and Hanna has undergone extensive training to ensure the best possible outcome for her sellers.


If legal issues arise, Royal LePage has a broker on staff who is also a lawyer and who is available for sales representatives/brokers to consult.

After-sales service:

“Creating Clients for Life” is my motto. A seller’s relationship with Hanna does not end after the sale has been completed, but continues from when an agreement of purchase and sale becomes unconditional and continues right through to the closing date and forbears after, providing the seller with ongoing value-added information designed to protect the seller, their family and their assets.

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