Health and Fire Safety

When buying a home with any type of wood burning appliance, including a wood burning fireplace, wood stove, forced air furnace etc., it is critical that you have the appliance inspected to ensure that there is not a build up of creosote. This inspection will also identify if any liners or chimneys have been violated which could possibly cause dangerous toxic gases to escape into your home environment.

Insurance companies and mortgage lender will require that these appliances have a W.E.T.T. Inspection, (Wood Energy Technology Transfer).




Your Royal LePage Representative will help guide you through this process and will make recommendations for WETT certified inspectors and ensure that your Agreement of Purchase and Sale contains provisions for obtaining a WETT certificate. 

Fire Department Also May Need to Inspect

It is important to note that some free standing units may also require an inspection from the fire department to ensure that they meet Fire Code. In many cases, this inspection is also a requirement for most Home Insurance Companies and Mortgage Lenders.

Ongoing Maintenance: It is recommended that all wood burning appliances be inspected on a regular basis to ensure the safety of your home and family especially if you notice anything unusual such as smoke coming from the appliance.

Prior to Selling a Home: To avoid any surprises after you receive an offer to purchase that contains provisions for a WETT certificate, have your appliances inspected prior to offering your property for sale and if any problems are identified you have the opportunity to rectify the deficiency. If left until offer time this deficiency may cause a buyer to become frustrated or worried that may result in the buyer not proceeding with the sale.

WETT  Inspectors: WETT Inspections are carried out by certified Chimney Sweeps, Hearth Dealers or Wood Heat Professionals. All must carry a WETT Identification Card indicating that they are WETT Certified. requi